Social gap due to technology

Even though technology has advanced and is already available in the education systems, the visually challenged students still have to use old school methods.

Smart class environment (with the usage of computers, mobiles, etc.) have introduced a social gap between non-blind and visually challenged students.

Currently the existing e-readers for blind people costs 2500 -3000 USD, but 90% of blind students cannot afford it.

How about blind schools?

Have a look at our market and user research statistics.

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Our innovative solution

We are building an e-reader-"ThirdEye TACTILE" which converts any digital content into braille format and displays on the screen so that the blind people can touch and feel.

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Smart screen

The specially designed screen brings life to the screen in terms of tactility. The screen is capable of showing Braille texts, and soon tactile graphics.

Efficient Hardware

The hardare of the device bridges the software module and the screen module for the digital content to Braille textures. Furthermore, it can connect to the Internet and other devices, and hence it is capable of doing lot more.

Reliable Software

Our software converts any digital content to Braille text as well as to audio, and hence brings the visually challenged people fall in love with state of the art technology.

Innovative features

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others".
ThirdEye -Tactile is trying to revolutionize the "see through touch" technology through following features.

  • Text to Braille

    Our software efficiently converts any digital text to Brialle format that be easily navigated and paginated.

  • Text to Audio

    "Sound mind in a sound device" - our software can convert the digital text to audio, so that it enhances the learning experience.

  • Screen Reader

    Our device "ThirdEye- Tactile" comes with an inbuilt screen reader, which reduces the trouble of reading the already converted Braille content.

  • Voice command

    For easy navigation, we have an voice command module, which does the tasks as you say.

  • Friendly community

    You are not alone. We are with you. There are many of us who are helping to guide you how to use and help you in case you are facing any problems.

  • More features

    We are building more features such as text-mining based content summary app, email apps, etc..


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